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strawberry daiquiri slush served in a cocktail glass

Slush cocktails and mocktails are the perfect serve to beat the heat in clubs and bars across the globe.  There are a number of reasons behind their continued popularity and with summer almost upon us it’s the perfect time to find out exactly why they can heat up your sales.

The Rise of the #Kidult

Amongst the pressures of modern life, consumers are increasingly looking for products reminiscent of their youth to provide them with comfort as they evoke fond childhood memories and slush fits the bill perfectly. 


There is no question that the vibrant colours of slush offers instant appeal amongst the growing army of Drinkstagrammers who just love to share pictures of attractive, photogenic drinks across social media channels.  Whether is the luscious red of a Strawberry Daiquri or the fresh green of a Mojito, they are guaranteed to catch the eye of the most discerning Instagrammer.

#Loaded Cocktails

Loaded cocktails are the latest trend to flood your Instagram feed!  Experimentation is clearly key here and who doesn’t love giving your cocktail drinker a surprise?  We always tipped our hats to the cinnamon sticks, mint springs and lemon wedge garnishes for generations but now we expect a whole lot more. Feast your eyes on over the top cocktails that are more like a meal, add some unexpected ingredients like carefully balanced burgers, sorbet, oysters or dry ice for a bit of drama.  Turn your cocktail slush into something visually beautiful and create even more demand at your venue.  

Big Water Content = Big Profits for Vendors

Its high water content means slush is very appealing to vendors as it offers higher profit margins than other milk-based products in the chilled drinks category, such as shakes or smoothies.  Another plus is that they can actually be prepared in a blender without the need to invest in special machinery.

Shaking Up Cocktails

The trend for alcoholic slush cocktails shows no signs of slowing as consumers are looking for added texture and fun from their drink experience.  Innovation is vital to stand out from the competition as consumers become more adventurous.  They are searching for new and exciting flavours which, contrary to popular opinion, are not always sweet as mixologists increasingly create drier or savoury alternatives too. Bars continue to embrace this trend with a growing number installing slush machines which offer the quickest and most consistent way to serve the perfect cocktail.

A Fun Alcohol-Free Alternative

The rise of the mindful drinker means that consumers are increasingly taking greater control of their drinking habits as they are becoming more aware of how alcohol affects them both physically and mentally and are consciously choosing to consume what they feel is right for them.  Mindful drinking is a growing trend with the proportion of adults who say they drink at its lowest ever level according to The Office for National Statistics (2017) and a record 21% of adults saying they don’t drink at all.  As a result, the low and no-alcohol market is booming with massive growth expected in the coming years as bars, restaurants and retailers increasingly cater for this rapidly growing market.  ‘Grand View Research’ stated: the global non-alcoholic beverage market size was valued at $967 billion USD in 2016.  The market is anticipated to grow at an estimated CAGR* of 5.8% from 2017 to 2025.  (*CAGR or Compound Annual Growth Rate.  This is a useful measure of growth over time.  It’s the mean annual growth rate of an investment over a specified period of time longer than one year.)

An alcohol-free slush mocktail is the perfect serve for consumers looking for multi-sensory experiences from their drinks that are both distinctive and memorable and with healthier, fruit-based or sugar free options available, there’s no reason not to indulge.

At Simpsons our range of slush cocktail syrups include Strawberry Daiquiri, Blue Lagoon, Mojito, Margarita, Pina Colada and On the Beach all of which taste and look just as good with or without added alcohol enabling vendors to offer the same drink experience to both abstainers and their drinking friends.  Read more about our range here:

Simpsons World Leaders in Innovation

At Simpsons Beverages we’re experts in manufacturing slush syrups for the international market, the quality of which is world renowned.  Get in touch if you’d like a sample for your outlets. Alternatively, we can make your own unique slush flavours to order.


Simpsons Beverages Drink Trends Report 2019.  Download here 


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