What's driving growth in the UK Juice Market?

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Selection of fruit juice served in glasses with straws.  Flavours include grape, mango, papaya and strawberryRead all about the latest juice on popular flavours, hot topics, the latest trends and how to stay one-step ahead of the rest!

Classic vs Modern Flavours

Whilst orange still holds the top slot followed by other traditional flavours such as apple, demand is increasing for new and innovative varieties.  These are especially popular amongst adventurous consumers looking for new taste sensations.  Keep your eyes peeled for up and coming exotic flavours or ‘superfruit mixes’ incorporating the likes of lingonberry, yuzu and acai berries.  At Simpsons we are industry leaders in beverage innovation.  Read how we developed a premium juice range for an award winning drinks machine company, that is now stocked in high-end outlets across the UK here.  

A Healthier Option

In recent times concerns over the harmful impact of sugar has resulted in some consumers limiting their juice intake.  However, whilst it is true that juice is relatively high in natural sugar, this is in the form of fructose that is only harmful if consumed in large quantities. Health benefits also frequently have a significant impact upon a consumer’s buying decision and selecting products that are better for you is a necessity, not a luxury for many.  This is where the ‘health halo’ of juice comes to the fore.  It is high in vitamins and antioxidants, natural and nutritious and offers a quick and easy way to consume one of your five a day in a single serving.  Many juice consumers simply do not think about the sugar, but focus on just how good it is for them and are often prepared to pay a premium for this.  Without a doubt, highlighting nutritional benefits is essential for all juice brands.  Why not read more about our range of juices here.

Spicing Things up a Bit

Against the backdrop of growing concerns over sugar consumption, consumers are beginning to value ingredients such as ginger, turmeric and cinnamon, which are also widely revered for their positive health benefits.  Sour tastes have also proved to be particularly popular with consumers in 2019 which has given rise to new flavours such as hibiscus.

Adultification of Soft Drinks

As more people than ever are making a conscious choice in favour of low and non-alcoholic alternatives, demand is increasing for more sophisticated soft drinks that are consumed in place of alcohol. The vast flavour profile that juice has to offer combined with its perceived health benefits makes it the perfect soft option.  Read more about ‘The Rise of the Mindful Drinker’ in our blog. 

Cold is Red Hot!

For many consumers, the term ‘cold’ evokes positive feelings of fresh, natural, and pure, all of which link with the positive health benefits of a glass of cool refreshing juice.

Thumbs Up from Generation Z

According to a Kantar survey (March 2019), younger consumers in the UK are a key part of the juice market with 54% of 16-24 year-olds drinking it once a day – great news for future market growth!  This is in stark contrast to the 65+ category in which almost 25% claimed they never touched it. 


There is no denying that the power of social media has an incredible influence on fashionable flavours and the choices made by the younger generation.  As juice offers such a vibrant rainbow of colours combined with new and exciting tastes and blends, it is easy to see why it has the ability to stir up a frenzy amongst Instagrammers in search of #Drinkspiration.

Refill not Landfill

Many juices are sold in single-serve plastic bottles, but the impact of plastic packaging on our planet coupled with the growing movement of consumers in the UK in search of a plastic free life is an issue that the juice industry can no longer ignore.  At Simpsons our juice range is available for draught dispense, which when served in reusable or recyclable cups, offers the most environmentally friendly juice option that is entirely plastic bottle and P.E.T. free.  This means it’s the perfect serve for large organisations including schools, leisure complexes and employers. Read more about ‘How to Massively Reduce your School’s Carbon Footprint’ in our blog

Our Juice Brand Checklist

  • Continued flavour innovation
  • Focus on product quality
  • Highlight ‘positive nutrition’
  • Continually monitor both macro and micro consumer trends
  • Clean and transparent labelling

At Simpsons our New Product Development Team are experts in beverage innovation.  If you are ready to discuss your next juice project, get in touch today. 

Simpsons Beverages Drink Trends Report 2019.  Download here 


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