Slush is Red Hot Across Europe

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Selection of slush ice drinks in flavours - purple grape, blue raspberry, orange, strawberry, and lemon & lime

Slush is booming across Europe, that's granita to our friends on the continent. It’s the perfect summer treat for kids looking to keep cool at the seaside, on holiday by the pool, or on a family day-out. The market typically reaches its peak between May to September and as the Met. Office forecasts global temperatures are set to soar this summer we are predicting that slush sales will too.  If you’re thinking of developing an exciting new slush range or flavour, now is definitely the time!

‘Kidults’ can’t get enough

And the popularity of slush doesn’t end there. Adults are drinking more slush too, often because it brings back fond childhood memories.  This includes the non-alcoholic kind or slush cocktails and mocktails which, as we reported last year, have risen in popularity in bars and restaurants across the globe. You can find out more about this trend by clicking here.

Great News for Profits

Not only is slush easy to serve, its high water content means it offers big profit margins for vendors.  Its unit cost is also far lower than other drinks in the chilled product category such as milkshakes or smoothies, sales of which have been flat in recent times according to Bonnie Riggs, the restaurant industry analyst for NPD Group.

Fabulous Flavours

Blue raspberry continues to be the most popular flavour accounting for around 70% of total sales, after all there is nothing more fun for kids than proudly showing off a blue tongue to their friends!  However, increasingly innovative, fun flavours are being introduced which appeal to kids looking for new and exciting taste sensations such as orange and mango, pink bubblegum and candy-floss.  Giving each flavour a quirky name can also increase the fun factor and can make your brand stand out even further, which child wouldn’t love to try some ‘Suzie Strawberry’ or ‘Lucy Lemon’ flavour?  Find out about our full slush range here

Concentrated Reduces Costs

A slush syrup dilution ratio of 1:9 is a popular choice amongst slush brands across Europe.  Not only is this the most cost effective option as it reduces packaging and transportation but it’s also good news for the planet as transport CO2 and packaging waste are minimised too.

Consumer Call for Healthier Options

With sugar taxes imposed across much of Europe, combined with increasing consumer concerns about health and wellness, many brands are introducing healthier low-sugar or sugar-free alternatives to their range.  Simpsons range of real fruit and ice drinks is a great example of this. Not only do these drinks count as one of your 5 a day, but they have no artificial colours and are made with real fruit flavours, so are guaranteed to keep mum happy.  The range has been developed for schools, restaurants, cinemas, play-centres and all child-friendly establishments worldwide.  Read more about our range here.

Fizzy Slush Flourishing Fast

Fizzy slush adds a whole new dimension to the slush taste experience.  Demand amongst consumers across Europe is high following Coca-Cola’s successful roll out of Fanta Frozen with the support of European frozen drinks experts Slush Puppie Ltd.   

In response to this popular trend, our team of NPD experts at Simpsons have created a great range of carbonated slush available for high volume outlets in the UK, Europe and beyond, all of which are available to be branded just for you.  Flavours currently available include fizzy blue raspberry, fizzy orange, fizzy pink bubblegum and fizzy cherry with other flavours available on request.  Read more here:

An Experienced International Operator

At Simpsons our team of experts are industry leaders in innovation, constantly creating a stir with new tastes and flavours and we are proud to say that the quality of our slush syrups is world renowned.  We pride ourselves on being a global company with local values and work together with our customers to develop products perfectly suited to different cultures and tastes, ultimately giving them a competitive advantage in their local market place.  Read about another of our satisfied European customers here.  We can also make your brand stand out from the rest by creating your very own range including any flavours of your choice in your branding.

Interested?  Why not download our chilled innovation brochure to find out more? Download Simpsons Beverages chilled innovation brochure

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