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It’s no longer all about the gin. Across all drinks categories premium beverages are continuing to rise in popularity, yet none so much as the classic mixer that is tonic.

With the explosion in gin over recent years, particularly with craft distilled gins, we have started to pay more attention to the tonic water we are consuming and it's no surprise that more exceptional tonic waters are being produced, revolutionising the way in which one of the nation’s finest tipples is served.

Record tonic sales

According to Kantar Worldpanel, in the UK alone annual tonic water sales were pushed to record levels of over £110 million in 2017. This is a huge rise of 35% when compared to the same period of the previous year. And the boom in gin has sparked over 70 new tonic brands. While existing brands add exciting new flavours to their offerings ensuring there’s a perfect pairing for every type of the many hundreds of gins to choose from, whether rich and robust, sweet, sloe or citrussy. 

Flavour innovation

Merchant’s Heart, a range of ‘spirit enhancers’ are available in retailers like Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Masons. They offer a range of seven flavoured tonics including pink peppercorn, hibiscus and floral aromatics, each designed to be paired with aged spirits. Peter Spanton’s range of ‘superior tonics’ includes cardamom, lemongrass and its chocolate flavoured tonics are best paired with dark spirits.

Aimed at summertime drinking, Square Root London's selection of new tonics that are ‘handmade in Hackney’ are twists on the typical quinine drink, fruitier and sweeter than other more bitter brands. Whilst arguably the biggest name in tonics right now, Fever-Tree, offer seven varieties of tonic including lemon, cucumber, elderflower and aromatic, each complementing different types of gins and spirits.

 Here at Simpsons we’ve created our own authentically British range of five classic boutique tonics with a delicious effervescence that knocks the tops off standard tonics including our Pink Tonic made with pomegranate, elderflower and quinine a particular favourite that’s not only attractive but offers a refreshing fruity sweetness that's excellent with a citrus gin.

Premium brands fizz ahead

Tonic sales are booming globally too and are predicted to rise at a rate of 6.1% CAGR* from 2017 to 2025 to become worth US$2.45 billion by the end of 2025. Premium tonic water brands are seriously cashing in on the trend. According to The Drinks Business, sales of Fever Tree tonics and mixers rose by 77% in 2017, even with other premium brands entering the marketplace. It has quickly become the brand of choice receiving acclaim from drinks critics and bartenders at many trendy bars and restaurants worldwide. Fentimans are also experiencing great growth both in the UK and globally. Their international sales have grown over 46% in the last two years, supported by American consumers developing a taste for the brand’s Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water.


Whatever the combination the right mixer is always an important choice and the perfect tonic really can complement the spirit it’s paired with. At Simpsons Beverages we offer our own quintessentially British range of boutique tonics each made with the finest ingredients and crafted with the aim of delighting the senses. Find out more about the range here or get in touch for a sample.

Develop your own bespoke tonic

As a drinks manufacturer we also offer our clients the opportunity to claim their own unique place in this developing market. We can help you to create and manufacture your own flavour of tonic, or your entire beverage range. Contact us to find out more.

*CAGR: The Compound Annual Growth Rate is a measure of growth over time. 

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