How do soft drinks brands stand out  in today's market?

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Your soft drinks brand may be stylish and sophisticated, delicious and different, or fun and energetic. Yet standing out on retail shelves, in a cluttered bar, in vending machines, or even in the local deli amongst an array of well-known products, each fighting for attention is undeniably tough.

And with many exciting new products regularly hitting the shelves, modern consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to refreshment. So how do you ensure your drinks are chosen above the rest in what is an exciting, yet crowded marketplace?

Build brand trust 

Establishing your brand’s integrity is critical and one particularly strong example of this quickly springs to mind. With annual sales of more than £350million, smoothie and juice brand Innocent is one of the largest in the UK and Europe, yet they started from very humble beginnings, selling their smoothies from a van. Sometime ago the brand grabbed the attention of consumers and the industry alike through its focus on healthy, honest, all-natural drinks, yet it was also their unique brand positioning, fresh, fun packaging and ethical, clear brand purpose of aiming to improve the world, leaving the planet ‘a little better than we found it’ that has also made a huge contribution to their success story. Adding their brand’s personality into their packaging, giving 10% of profits to charity and engaging their audience means the brand is as relevant today as it was 18 years ago. Though Innocent is not resting on its laurels. Moving with the times the brand has expanded their offering adding flavoured sparkling waters, coconut water and protein smoothies to their range, each appealing to the modern consumer and fitting neatly into the health and wellness category, their forte. A clear example of a how a soft drinks brand that has remained focused on its core values has built both trust and loyalty with its customers. 

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Refresh your image!

Brand experience covers everything about a drink from the ingredients and how it’s made and packaged, to the all-important flavour, taste and the serve too. Earlier this year, Fentimans, whose range consists of soft drinks, mixers and pre-mixed alcohol, announced a whopping £1.2million investment on a rebrand, refreshing its image to appeal to a younger audience whilst delivering brand consistency across the entire range. The rebrand focused on the brand’s heritage (dating back to 1905) and quality credentials, including a new proposition that appears prominently on every bottle or can: ‘Botanically Brewed. Exquisitely Crafted.’ suggesting a premium taste experience. In the company’s strategic report, the rebrand was noted as a commercial highlight alongside the launch of its drinks in cans, with revenue increasing by a quarter this year.*

Be honest & authentic

Brand integrity is paramount. Consumers are now more vocal as well as more educated about the products they buy, and they expect honesty and transparency, as well as great tasting drinks. The sugar tax earlier this year and the move to low or no sugar drinks has driven an explosion in new product innovations with reformulated recipes and fresh flavours and concepts that has seen the industry react positively to the change. Whilst honestly authentic and enjoyable drinks have fuelled the rise of craft and boutique soda brands such as Dalstons. This year they launched an updated look and new flavours for their range of “honest, additive-free and better tasting” soft drinks aimed at the adult soft drink market including Fizzy Elderflower, Ginger Beer and Cherryade. The brand is stocked in over 200 Waitrose stores and their Managing Director has stated: “As consumers are embracing alcohol-free alternatives at home and on nights out, they are looking for more exciting soft drinks than the usual sugar-heavy suspects.”

Excite with new beverage development

With a plethora of new beverages on the market, it’s important to find unique ways to stand out. And there is still a huge space for new ideas and products. Through considering the above points, as well as moving with the times and investing in new flavours, or new concept development, your drinks brand can gain new customers, building loyalty and driving revenue.

Here at Simpsons Beverages we work with world renowned drinks brands, helping them enter new markets and refresh their range. How does your drinks brand differentiate and add value to the modern consumer?  Our experts can help you to realise your refreshing ideas, expanding and building upon your current portfolio, from initial concept development right through to production of your new beverage. Get in touch if you’d like to chat about how we can help update your soft drinks offering to suit your business.



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