Slush Market: Global trends

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Slush trends 

Kids today love ice-cold slush and parents know it! Across the globe, slushies are renowned for being the ideal summertime treat, jam-packed with fun, colour and fruity flavours. Perfect for days out, kids parties, trips to the seaside and more, slush is now available in an abundance of popular and delicious flavours and formats.

UK slush market exceeds £350 million!

Slush has been around for sometime. Machines to make frozen drinks emerged in America in the late 50’s. By the mid-60’s one hundred 7-Eleven stores had ICEE machines (known as Slurpees) and today millions of slush drinks are consumed across the globe each year. On average Canadians purchase 30 million Slurpees a year, 6.6 million are sold in Australia each year. Slush Co. estimate the UK market exceeds £350 million! So what’s new in slush across the globe?

Flavour sensations

The latest innovative new slush flavours excite and delight children’s taste buds, whilst being made with the finest ingredients and lower levels of sugar than before, yet, importantly, remaining high in taste and slushy texture. There’s many fun new flavours and products on the market which include zingy sherbert Lemon, Strawberry & kiwi and candyfloss.

Sophisticated slush flavours are also emerging to satisfy the growing international market for adult slush, mocktails and cocktails. This includes flavours such as ginger, mint and peach iced tea, also available in calorie-light variants for a ‘guilt-free’ experience.

Yet there remain some staple flavours in slush that span generations and both blue raspberry slush and strawberry slush flavours fall into these categories. Strawberry is a great favourite with kids worldwide (as well as making a great base for an adult-friendly frozen strawberry daiquiri) and blue raspberry remains a bestseller with its deep blue colour, it’s synonymous with slush of yesteryear and today.

Health & wellness

The health and wellness trend is impacting all soft drinks categories and the slush market is no different. Many brands have introduced low sugar and healthier ranges. Simpsons’ range of real fruit and ice drinks is a great example of this. These drinks count as one of your five a day, contain no artificial colours and are made with real fruit flavours. The range has been developed for schools, restaurants, cinemas, play centres and all child-friendly establishments worldwide. You can find out more about the range here.

Fizzy slush

One key international trend across both food and drinks categories this year is the concept of added texture. An extra crunch, pop or fizz to add to your taste experience. Of course, slush already has great texture, though fizzy slush adds that extra dimension of excitement. At Simpsons our new product development team have recently created an amazing range of carbonated slush available for high volume outlets in the UK and across the globe, with your own unique branding added. So far we’ve developed flavours such as fizzy blue raspberry, fizzy orange, fizzy pink bubblegum and fizzy cherry. You can find out more here.

Experts in chilled drinks

Summer’s almost here and the height of slush season is upon us. At Simpsons Beverages we’re experts in chilled drinks and have been creating innovative, customer-focused slush syrups for decades. Our slush is consumed across the globe from the UK to Europe and beyond. Providing trial runs and a samples service, we’ll work with you to help you realise your perfect chilled drinks range, plus provide opportunity to enjoy great profits. Take a closer look at our Chilled Innovation range today or contact us to sample from our vast selection and discover the benefits of working with Simpsons Beverages.

 slush trends

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