Slush cocktails: Global trends

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Slush is no longer just for kids. Over the past few years slushy cocktails have exploded in popularity, transforming the way in which frozen alcoholic drinks are served in bars around the world and helping us beat the heat. And we have our American friends to thank for the trend. Bars across the U.S. have been successfully satisfying a taste for slushy cocktails for sometime now, giving their slush machines prime position on their drinks menus with everything from frozen sangrias to frosty mai-tais, some labelling them ‘lushies’ or ‘frozies’. They’re so popular that they’re available all year round!

Very sophisticated slush cocktails 

And we expect this slush trend to continue, as fresh new innovative chilly cocktails emerge across the globe. Last summer saw the rise of the ‘frosecco.’ If you’ve not heard, these are frozen prosecco slushies, drank both straight, or served in cocktails. And there’s many more icy tipples made with great-tasting slush to tempt their fancy. UK bars are embracing frozen vodka cocktails, strawberry daiquiris and mango margaritas that instantly make clientele feel like they’re holidaying down in Acapulco. And venues and expert mixologists are creating ever more innovative varieties using diverse or premium ingredients. Choices include sophisticated strawberry champagne slushies, or slushy cheehu cocktails, made with maraschino liqueur and lychee and guava. At Tienda Roosteria, a venue in London, they go one stage further, topping their ‘Frozita’ with glitter!

The quick & consistent cocktail 

Slush cocktails

The appeal of the slush machine is growing too, along with the boom in frozen cocktails. There really is no quicker, nor a more consistent way to serve a delicious frozen cocktail. This is because the machine controls everything about the beverage, from its consistency to its temperature. As long as you add great quality ingredients the machine will deliver perfectly consistent icy drinks.

Ready to drink slush cocktails 

The ready to drink market is also capitalising on this trend as brands like Parrot Bay bring slush cocktails to supermarkets in one-serve pouches with flavours ranging from berry daiquiris to pina coladas that you ‘freeze and squeeze’.  The market is also huge in Australia and New Zealand with brands such as Freezah Frozen Cocktails and Kick-Ice Cocktails offering strawberry blueberry daiquiri, lime and lemon margaritas and tropical cider crush.

British brand POPS offer another innovative example, with frozen cocktail iced lollies in flavours such as Moscow mule, bellini and frose. Whilst in Berlin last summer, festival go-ers enjoyed ice cocktails in the same format, popsicles made with fresh fruit and 11% alcohol in a variety of flavours.

Thirsty for what's next?

At Simpsons Beverages we’re experts in manufacturing slush syrups for the international market. Not only do we offer one of the widest ranges of great quality slush flavours, we also provide a range of ready-made cocktail slush syrups including pina colada, strawberry daiquiri,mojito, blue lagoon and margarita making it easy to create amazing frozen cocktails, mocktails and granitas for your clientele simply by adding a slice of fruit, a sprig of mint and a dash of alcohol. Get in touch if you’d like a sample for your outlets. Alternatively, we can make your own unique slush flavours to order.

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