Gintastic Flavours are Fuelling Sales

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Flavoured gin cocktails served over ice and garnished with fruit on a barThe recent ‘Ginaissance’ shows no signs of slowing.  As a nation we purchased more than 60 million bottles last year, with the market widely tipped to be worth £3 billion by 2020 (The Spirits Business).Without a doubt, the increasing popularity of flavoured gin is responsible for driving much of the recent growth with sales valued at £165m in 2018 (WSTA), a staggering 9 times higher than the previous year!

Why is Flavoured so Fabulous?

It offers the perfect entry point into the gin category for otherwise non-gin drinkers keen to join the fashionable trend.  It’s incredibly versatile which means it can be combined with almost any flavour – the options are practically infinite, so it is never boring.  There is always something new and exciting with an ever-increasing array of choice and innovative products, which continues to attract new drinkers.  It has also successfully been able to tap into consumer trends, appealing to consumers who are increasingly keen to experiment and are actively searching for new taste sensations. Read how the team at Simpsons created two new and exciting flavours for an award winning Scottish Gin distillery, helping to secure listings in supermarket chains across the country.      


Bartender mixing flavoured gin with fig and lime garnish

The Options are Endless

Although juniper must remain the core ingredient of gin, it is now taking more of a back seat as other ingredients come to the fore.  From traditional British classics such as rhubarb and ginger to more exotic flavours like Seville oranges.  Dessert inspired flavours such as Lemon Drizzle Cake are enjoyed with those consumers looking for fun experiences from their drinks.  Whilst botanicals remain popular, adventurous flavours are becoming more apparent, such as lemon peel and saffron.  However, it is the stunning visual impact of Pink and Violet Gins which means that they remain at the centre of the flavoured category.  Why not read more about ‘What’s in the Pink’ in our blog.


Selection of drinks reflecting the latest trends in the beverage industry

Continued Innovation is Key

As gin is becoming the go to tipple of choice for a growing number of consumers it is certain that gin o’clock is here to stay.  However, with a plethora of new distillers and product launches, standing out in an increasingly crowded market place is becoming more of a challenge and keeping up with the latest trends has never been more important.  At Simpsons we are experts at creating flavourings for gin and gin liqueurs read more about how we can help you formulate and manufacture your perfect gin range.  

Why not contact us today to arrange a meeting with our Mixology Department and we’ll help you think outside the bottle.

Read more about the latest trends in the UK Flavoured Gin Market in our free downloadable report.

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