The Drink Trends for 2019

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Drinks trends

Selection of drinks reflecting the latest trends in the beverage industry

As you may have seen from our blogs, we love to review and report on innovations and drinks trends here in the UK and across the globe, and the start of each new year provides us with another excuse to review the industry and make our predictions for the year ahead. It’s such an exciting time for drinks companies and consumers alike. So much change and choice has been and continues to drive product diversity, and the industry is no longer dominated by the traditional big brands alone. It’s always interesting to see what new trends are emerging as ‘hot’ and ‘cool’, but also those that are building on existing momentum, fuelling what we feel will offer great commercial opportunities this year for drinks companies across the globe to satisfy consumer thirst.  

Sobriety acceptable not anti-social 

Our trends report goes into more detail about the rising popularity of Mindful drinking, drinks that lift the mood, Instagram worthy mocktails, that make sobriety acceptable not anti-social.  You'll find out about the new insights on the Gin Market and new ways that your Gin Brand can gain market share as consumers seek new flavours & experiences.  Download our report to learn what drink brands are leading the way with sustainable packaging and how consumer expectations are changing when it comes to the environment.  

Simpsons Beverages Drink Trends Report 2019.  Download here

The wellness trend

The growth and diversity across functional beverages supports the wellness trend. This category includes every drink with a health benefit, from protein shakes and energy drinks, to ready to drink teas, coffees, waters enhanced with vitamins and electrolytes, soy drinks, and much more. Often containing health-boosting ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, vitamins, nootropics, amino acids, gut-friendly kefir, fermented green teas and kombucha, there’s so much opportunity for drinks brands to be innovative and capitalise on the wellness trend.

Future for our planet

No longer will consumers be satisfied with recycled packaging. As we all review the impact of plastics on our oceans, the reduction of plastic waste and sustainability of packaging that spans the entire product lifecycle (from packaging design, to use, disposal and re-use) is likely to become an expectation from consumers throughout 2019 and beyond, as we all help to protect and secure the future of our planet.

It is clear that we must take action and not overlook our corporate responsibilities given the huge impact the beverage industry has. Innovation has and always will be fundamental to Simpsons Beverages with three sectors at the forefront of our business: Liquid InnovationDispensed Innovation and Chilled Innovation. With many exciting new products developed for our clients in 2018, please contact us to see how we can support the future development of your current offering; or to discuss how these trends may impact and grow your business. We’d love to hear from you.

Download the full drink trends report here -  

 Simpsons Beverages Drink Trends Report 2019.  Download here


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