Are You Ready For The Rum Renaissance?

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Cocktails made from flavoured rum and rum liqueurs

Once viewed as the preserve of pirates, rum is no longer the poor relation of the spirits’ shelf.  Spiced and flavoured varieties are helping to fuel market growth, with UK sales exceeding £1billion for the first time in 2018.  Move over gin, it’s time for the ‘Rum Renaissance’.A £Billion Market

Growing steadily over the past 5 years, UK sales of rum tipped the £1billion mark for the first time in 2018, equivalent to almost 35 million bottles (WTSA), firmly cementing its increasing popularity.

No Longer the Poor Relation

Rum is truly becoming a serious player in the world of spirits, as consumers increasingly look for new and exciting ways to explore its potential.  It now proudly boasts equal billing with its spirit counterparts.  In fact, all other spirit categories, with the exception of gin - of course, are growing more slowly according to a recent study by Campari. 

Premium Products = Premium Profits

Rum makers have been raising the bar of late, both in terms of quality and innovation, resulting in its premiumisation.  This has coincided perfectly with the recent trend in the drink’s industry, which has seen consumers drinking lower quantities of alcohol, but of a higher quality.  High class bars are no longer afraid to serve premium rums, and consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous in their tastes.  Higher levels of competition are helping to fuel the growth of, what is becoming, an ever more diverse and innovative sector.  Premium rum currently accounts for approximately 15% of the rum sector, an amount that is growing (WTSA Spirits Report).  This is good news for vendors, with consumers willing to pay more for a premium products when they are presented in the right way, which means premium profit margins.  At Simpsons we are experts at creating new and innovative flavours for premium rum, read more here.

The Taste of the Caribbean

Rum’s recent rise in popularity is as much about the elevation of its historic, exotic, Caribbean provenance, reflecting the locality where it was created.  Distilled from sugar cane, rum often has differing styles determined by the climate, location and both the types and lengths of cask aging.  Sugar cane absorbs the flavours and fragrances of the Caribbean perfectly, often delivering notes of pineapple, banana, guava, vanilla and cocoa bean. 

Flavoured Fuelling Demand

Hot on the heels of the ‘ginaissance’, both flavoured rum and spiced rum are currently fuelling demand within the category.  The added spices and flavours create a unique taste, something that is proving particularly popular with consumers on the look-out for something new and exciting.  Key spices include ginger, clove and vanilla, whereas popular botanical flavours range from citrus fruits, mint and watermelon.  Both flavoured rum and spiced rum experienced a 20% increase in sales in the on trade in the last year (Neilsen).  This period saw the launch of a ginger and raspberry flavour by Bacardi together with Bacardi Spiced.  At Simpsons we are experts in creating flavourings for rum and rum liqueurs.  Get in touch with our flavour experts today to discuss some new and exciting flavours for your brand.

Perfect for the U.K. Cocktail Culture

The U.K. cocktail culture is booming.  Cocktails offer the perfect serve for rum.  2018 saw rum account for one third of cocktails served in the on-trade (The Morning Advertiser).  The Mojito is leading this trend, accounting for 13.6% of the cocktail market (CGA’s Mixed Drink Report 2018).  Traditional classics such as Pina Coladas and Daiquiris continue to remain popular, whilst new and refreshing additions include the Koko Kolada, combining Jamaican Rum and coconut.  As rum cocktails continue to grow in popularity, bars are increasingly experimenting and looking for new and innovative recipes to capture the attention of their customers, often incorporating the use of flavoured rums, which add a unique flavour to cocktails.  If you are looking for quality, simple, no-fuss cocktails, why not check out the Simpson’s Flair Cocktail post mix range, available for draught dispense straight from the bar gun. 

A Millennial Favourite

Rum is especially popular amongst millennials as a survey found 80% of 25-34 think it’s great for summer cocktails. (Bazaar 2019).

Varieties = Versatility

The variety within the category from white to dark means that it is an extremely versatile spirit.  Light rums are typically used in cocktails, with golden and dark varieties consumed neat, over ice or with mixers.  Check out our range of popular post mix flavours available for draught dispense.

Tastes Great With Tonic Too

Rum also tastes great with the ever-increasing selection of flavoured tonics available in in the market place.  Simpsons range of premium flair tonics are drafted with botanical extracts and natural fruit oils.  Available in five great flavours, they offer the perfect accompaniment for rum.

The Future for Rum

Industry experts predict the sector will continue to follow in the footsteps of gin, with flavoured and spiced varieties continuing to drive growth, as consumers become ever more adventurous, searching for new tastes and flavours.  Get in touch with our New Product Development experts today to discuss how creating some new and innovative flavours for your brand can make you stand out from the crowd in the ‘Rum Renaissance’.

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