A soft drinks range that challenges the norm

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The demand for premium quality soft drinks continues to increase. Along with the rising share of non-drinkers and mindful-drinkers seeking authentic flavours, speciality soft drinks served alone, or used as superior mixers, fundamentally change a drinking experience from something mediocre to one that's innovative and delicious. Consumers now expect more from their beverages, requesting sodas with natural and distinctive flavours, intense and zesty aromas and moreish, fresh combinations. That’s why bars, hotels and restaurants are updating their soft drink menus, ensuring there’s a better tasting, authentic and often inspired craft soda offering.

Consumers choosing new taste experiences

Boundaries have disappeared and it is all about creativity to create multi-sensory experiences.  To match this trend there’s a plethora of tempting sodas to choose from all available in post mix. Flavours as diverse as green tea lemonade, basil and rhubarb, or Ginger Cola are getting people excited about craft. And consumers are often choosing a new taste experience over the well-known brands. According to Jason Simpson, Sales Ambassador at Simpsons Beverages, “There’s a flavour revolution happening in soft drinks driven by consumers becoming more and more adventurous. People are choosing drinks that are distinctive and memorable.”

Seasonal flavours that maximise sales

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Many bars and restaurants are offering seasonal selections too, as they strive to set themselves apart from average experiences that can be found elsewhere, such as on supermarket shelves. Spring, for example, may present botanical flavours such as wild elderflower, lavender, rose and sage, or jasmine and cucumber. Summer brings a huge choice of fruity offerings such as lemonades with handpicked British strawberries, sun bursting Seville oranges, or Sicilian lemons, exposing the origins and fine quality of the flavoursome ingredients and adding to the sincerity of the beverage. In autumn and winter there may be spicier offerings such as black cherry with tarragon, dark beetroot and clementine and festive mulled spices with cinnamon and ginger. Plus all year round there’s authentically made traditional staples on offer, from Cloudy Lemonades to classic root beer and colas with vanilla. 

Premium serves straight from the bar gun

drinks menu

As consumers move away from artificial ingredients, we’re attracted to the idea that small-batches provide a more unique experience and a higher quality soft drink. Yet you need not be restricted to bottled or canned varieties. Brands like Fentimans and Fevertree, Luscombe and Belvoir each provide authentic, all-natural beverages, you may have noticed many bars and restaurants now offer their own ranges of stunning small-batch craft sodas on draught, saving vital bar space whilst adding to the brand experience of the outlet.  These restaurants are creating their own unique names for the craft sodas menu and telling a story about the provenance of the ingredients to create authenticity & personality.

A soft drinks range that is far more efficient

Being able to offer your customers an increased range of premium craft sodas from one dispenser, as well as the ability to easily update your range depending on your latest food menu, or the season, will make your bar more efficient, saving vital shelf space. Plus there are so many more advantages of craft sodas on draught. From a reduction in packaging, to storage and transportation reductions, they’re the ideal solution for restaurants and bars alike helping to reduce your carbon footprint whilst increasing your bottom line. The concentrated blend of Post Mix drinks mean that transportation related storage can be reduced up to 7 times compared to bottled alternatives whilst removing the need to move cases of bottles from storage to bar areas.

Set your venue apart

drinks menu

Combining an endless list of stunning flavours across our Craft Sodas range, at Simpsons we’re always pushing the boundaries of innovation and taste. Its clear that craft sodas are classed by their high quality ingredients, exciting flavours and small batch blending and brewing methods.  Therefore having an appealing craft sodas range that challenges the norm will set your venue apart and offer a true experience like no other. Contact us today, we can help you to create your own perfect craft drinks menu.

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